Freedom From Diabetes (FFD)

Transcendental Residential Program

Program Schedule :

  • 7 Nights/ 7 Days - 30 July (Saturday) To 6 August (Saturday) 2016 - Special Doctor's Training Program (Pune)
  • 7 Nights/ 7 Days - 30 July (Saturday) To 6 August (Saturday) 2016 (Pune)
  • 7 Nights/ 7 Days - 27 August (Saturday) To 3 September (Saturday) 2016 - Special Doctor's Training Program (Pune)
  • 7 Nights/ 7 Days - 27 August (Saturday) To 3 September (Saturday) 2016 (Pune)

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Walk the pure natural path towards Freedom….from Diabetes, excess weight and other life style disorders at this FFD TRANSCENDENTAL RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM at “THE HIDDEN OASIS

Stay together with a group of doctors, fitness gurus and cooking experts in pristine nature to put your system into a relaxed - repairing mode for faster freedom.

The day starts early with meditation, yoga and pranayama.

Interspersed through the day are a number of sessions which give more clarity about the FFD path.

A variety of stress release processes help to infuse positivity, bring about inner change, train the subconscious mind towards ones' deeper goals, release fear and doubt through NLP based exercises ,and develop greater wisdom and peace.

Relish the most nourishing food, most of it organically grown at the farm and cooked according to FFD principles.

Pre-lunch cookery demos make you more confident of following the guidelines easily when back home.

Feast on fresh juices which detoxify and rejuvenate your body.

Have fun with exciting exercise routines, and ground with nature to accelerate the healing process.

At the end of this program, you can expect to walk out free of insulin and medicines or experience a significant reduction in dosage.

You will not only lose weight and inches, but gain in strength, stamina, energy levels and positivity.

This is our ultimate program which not only creates a deep shift inside you physically-emotionally- and spiritually...but it also empowers you to implement it independently.

This program is designed to give a powerful TRANSCENDENTAL EXPERIENCE that will be memorable for life. It promises to shift your system physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually thus accelerating your freedom from diabetes plus related ailments (if any) and co-creating a vibrant healthy youthful being.

At the end of this program, many past participants have walked out of the venue having become free of insulin and medicines. 2-6 kgs of weight loss is common, most have experienced inch loss around their waist. They have also significantly/ completely released anxiety, anger, grief and got relief from depression. They have left much more positive, healthier, clearer and wiser from this program and we look forward to co-creating one more powerful experience with you!